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WANTED: Mercer/plantmeet Fall 06 swap haves and wants

Posted by jennifer9906 8/9 (My Page) on
Mon, Jul 10, 06 at 8:42

Hi everyone,

Summer is flying by and fall will be here soon. We have set a date for the Fall swap. It will be October 7th. Feel free to post your haves and or wants list here. I will be posting mine soon! Check out the website or email me if you want.


Here is a link that might be useful:

Follow-Up Postings:

RE: WANTED: Mercer/plantmeet Fall 06 swap haves and wants

Plumeria-some pink, some unknown
Elephant ears-several varieties
Oleander-dwarf pink, rooted, large plants-rescues
Hymenocallis-white spider lily
Thevetia peruviana
Butterfly vine
Brugs-assorted colors
Obedient plant
Water plants
More stuff than ya can shake a stick at.
Anyone want anything in particular let me know. I'm not digging the ginger unless I have to.
David-African hosta-I'll divide this stuff for you next week, and of course crinums, I think he eats them.

Tally HO!

RE: WANTED: Mercer/plantmeet Fall 06 swap haves and wants

i have rooted;
brugmansia 'pink favorite' & 'dr. suess'
wedelia or creeping daisy
verbena 'plantation rose'

i took cuttings this past weekend, so these should be well rooted come october;
devil's backbone or slipper spurge
butterfly bush 'nanho purple'
white bleeding heart or clerodendron

i'll take cuttings closer to october if anyone is interested;
plumeria 'slaughter pink'
brugmansia 'miss anna', 'charles grimaldi', 'friendship dkd'

i'm looking for double brugmansias, variegated brugmansias, hostas, variegated plants, shade plants, black elephant ears & large alocasia.

see ya'll in october, debbie

RE: WANTED: Mercer/plantmeet Fall 06 swap haves and wants

I have:

Named daylilies:Russian Rhapsody,Stella D'Oro,Kwanso,Hyperion and Red Ribbons
2 sago plants and 1 sago pup
2 white crepe myrtle(12 inches tall)
2 mexican heather
2 mexican petunia
Cannnas mixed variety
Bulbs mixed variety
Aloe plants

I am looking for named irises and daylilies,bromliads,shade plants and chocolate mint.


RE: WANTED: Mercer/plantmeet Fall 06 swap haves and wants

Debbie, I'd like Pink favorite and Miss Anna brugs.
I have double white brug, black elephant ear.
Tally HO!

RE: WANTED: Mercer/plantmeet Fall 06 swap haves and wants

I am finally on here..I am back...Couldn't get on due to my last server so I have a new one(still the same e-mail and all that good stuff)..And this one works!!!
I do have a trade list gathered up but will have more at later date..
Cold hardy Heliconias-10 to 15 feet tall- 3 trades
Brug cuttings(8 inch log cutting)if ya let me know ahead what ya want-I will keep the log moisted until I get them to you..
Frosty Pink
Gyspy Queen
Dr Suess
Jamician Yellow
Betty Marshall
Plumerias-small ones- under 2 feet tall -5 trades-unamed seedlings
Unnamed Hedy.peach color gingers-5 trades
Alpinia formosana"Pinstripe"- 2 trades
Curcuma Zedoaria-7 trades-has maroon stripe down the leaves- 5 trades
Curcuma Petiolata Var. "Emperor"-2 trades
Siphonochilus decora 'Yellow Trumpet'-2 trades
Siphonochilus kirkii-pink trumpet-2 trades
Costus cuspidatus- 3 trades

I am looking for named bananas,brugs,gingers,etc that I don't have.E-mail me to see if I have it or not before trading..

RE: WANTED: Mercer/plantmeet Fall 06 swap haves and wants

Hi all,
I plan to attend this fall swap, but am still working on my have/want list. I have most of what is on my exchange list available, so let me know what you are looking for and I'll check if I have it. MOODENE, I am interested in several of your plants. Please email me if you are interested in a trade. I have peacock ginger, white butterfly ginger, dancing lady ginger, potted clitoria vines (cobalt blue) and much, much more.

RE: WANTED: Mercer/plantmeet Fall 06 swap haves and wants

Does anyone know of any swaps that in the DFW metroplex??

RE: WANTED: Mercer/plantmeet Fall 06 swap haves and wants

Well hello to all,
I cant wait for the swap!!!!!! I always have a blast.

I finally got busy and got a partial trade/want list together.
Blue fortune Agastache-2
Red Fortune agastache-1
Unknown ginger-
Blue Plumbago-1
Blue Potato Bush (Paraguay nightshade)-2
Fig Tree rooted-1
Calla Lily-2
Dragon Wing Begonia-
Chocolate Mint-
Pineapple mint-
Apple mint-
Brugmansia Frosty Pink-
Brugmansia Unknown white-
Brugmansia Dr Seuss (yellow)-
Exotic Love Vine
Bauhinia white
Cardinal Climber Vine

Seedlings (hopefully)
Red Texas star hibiscus
White Texas star hibiscus

Ladybug yard art-6,
stain glass paving stones-3

Olive tree
Variegated ginger
Shade ground cover
Japanese iris
Anything butterfly's like
Surprise me

I cant wait for the swap. It is a high point of the year. Great people, great plants, and of course great food, what a winning combination.


RE: WANTED: Mercer/plantmeet Fall 06 swap haves and wants

Sorry I didn't post my e-mail for anybody to get in touch with me..

RE: WANTED: Mercer/plantmeet Fall 06 swap haves and wants

Hello All,

I am looking for 'Fred Howard' it is a cross between a Belladonna/Crinum Lily. It is suppose to take the HEAT and bloom in the HEAT......I really do NOT need anymore Crinums, I am full!!!!!!! David

RE: WANTED: Mercer/plantmeet Fall 06 swap haves and wants

  • Posted by allen 8-b Texas (My Page) on
    Mon, Sep 11, 06 at 17:56

to trade############### orchid trees,purple schield,bald cypress,wild poinsettia, pencil cactus,esperanza, a lot of other stuff cant think what. Oh yes a nother staghorn for a door prize

RE: WANTED: Mercer/plantmeet Fall 06 swap haves and wants

Did David really post he's full??
Hope he brings cookies.
Tally HO!

RE: WANTED: Mercer/plantmeet Fall 06 swap haves and wants

This is my list for the Mercer and Galveston Co. plant trade. Remind me which trade you will be at, you know I'm senile!
Variegated shrimp plant-rooted cuttings X 7
Morning glory bush purple flowers X1
Thevetia peruviana-1 in pot, can dig more
Pride of Barbados-orange, seedlings X2
Elephant ears-assorted X6
Giant yellow salvia-seedlings X2
Bronze shield hibiscus-seedling X1
Clerodendrum bungeii X5
White coral vine-seedlings X2 (maybe more)
Althea, purple w/ red center-cuttings struck 9/5/06
Old pink rose-rooted cutting X1
Red bird, devils backbone X8
Zingiber-pine cone ginger X3
Unknown, shade, orange flowers, knee high X2
Philodendrum X1
Saw tooth Oak-seedling X1
Burr oak-seedling X1
Alpinia zerumbut-potted X4
Alpinia zerumbut-bare root
Banana canna X7
Fire spike-red-rooted cuttings X2
Assorted rooted brugmansia X20+
Plumeria-rooted, unknown X4
Plumeria cuttings, unrooted:
White, yellow, pink, unknown
Barleria__________-orange flowers X4
?yesterday, today & tomorrow X1
Walking iris X4
Purple iris X3
Dwarf oleander-pink, rescue X4
Cardboard palm X3
Spineless nopalito-rooted-pink flowers X5
Spineless nopalito-unrooted cuttings
Calathea-unknown X1
EE-black stem X2(maybe more)
And more as I get digging & cutting
Molly-brugs for peacock ginger
Debbie-Double white brug cuttings, black elephant ear and variegated stuff for pink favorite and Miss Anna brugs
Jyayt: either red or blue fortune agastache-I have clerodendum ugandense-butterfly bush
Modene-heliconia, gypsy queen, everlasing,, marrebeck, whiskers & jamaican yellow. I have bananas, gingers & I'm sure something else you want.
Julie-crocosmia for black-eyed susan vine, morning glory bush
Terri-pink rose of sharon and canna for shade stuff
Patti-begonia, chalice vine, watercelery-I have panes of uncut stained glass, some great cacti(rhapdis...duh!) and the rangoon creeper may have rooted-I'll check it this week.
Jim-althea double purple, bow tie vine and purple cat whiskers-I can dig you some pink rain lilies(looks like an amaryllis) and clerodendrum
Angie-lemon guava for plumeria (do you want dutchmans pipe vines? there are seedlings in the yard)
Sunny43-clerodendron shooting star and purple porter weed for a variegated brug and rojo banana
Pepa-I have a yellow oleader-thevetia peruviana for you
Dena-purple porterweed, peacock ginger, kumquat for??
Mary Ellen-white mums for whatever you want, tropicals I got
Let me know!
Tally HO!

RE: Have water plants

Forgot about the water plants!
I have frogbit, water celery(plain) some waterlilies I want to get rid of, thalia dealbata-one potted plant & who knows what else.
Tally HO!

RE: WANTED: Mercer/plantmeet Fall 06 swap haves and wants

Tally, I got ya down for the Mercer trade..

RE: WANTED: Mercer/plantmeet Fall 06 swap haves and wants

Hi guys, just wanted to rsvp before the swap. I know I'll be bringing salvias, lucky bamboo, a bromeliad, gardenia, american beautyberry, bleeding heart clerondenrum, black nursery pots - 3 gallon I think, I have a bunch of impatiens if somebody wants to overwinter them. I'm sure I'll have the car full of whatever. Check my trade list for anything specific you might want.
I'm looking for a buddleia, any color, and I'm into bromeliads and unusual begonias. I'll probably be bringing some. Also would like some diascia seeds or a plant.
see ya soon

RE: WANTED: Mercer/plantmeet Fall 06 swap haves and wants

I forgot - does anyone want any goldfish? mine have been prolific and there are about 30 I need to find homes for.
Also, does anyone have a lava rock - just one small one.

RE: WANTED: Mercer/plantmeet Fall 06 swap haves and wants

Daisy, I'll take some goldfish. The last flood killed off about 1/2 of mine. Tally HO!

RE: WANTED: Mercer/plantmeet Fall 06 swap haves and wants

  • Posted by yadda 8-9 TX (My Page) on
    Wed, Sep 20, 06 at 13:48

Check out my trade list. Let me know if you see something you are interested in obtaining. Yadda out

Here is a link that might be useful: Trade List

RE: WANTED: Mercer/plantmeet Fall 06 swap haves and wants

Anyone want to pre-trade before the swap? I plan to attend if there is any room left. My exchange page is on blitz on Gardenweb - sorry for long post. Please email me - I'd love to hear from ya.

"Daylily-crazy" on Gardenweb

One to trade unless noted otherwise
(updated September 23, 2006)

Elephant Ears (small, medium and huge bulbs)
Cannas (mix colors)
Marble Peppers Seedlings
Thai Peppers Seedlings
English Ivy
Kalanchoes cuttings (not sure what kind)
Mother of Thousands (plantlets and seedlings)
Ruellia, purple (plants and several unrooted cuttings)
Arboricola rooted cuttings (several)
Chinese wisteria rooted cuttings
Banana Pups (email me I have to dig them up)
White Butterfly Ginger Lilies (few)
Climbing Jasmine (small offsets)
Grand Marnier Brugmansia unrooted cuttings (few)
Palm seedlings (email me I have dig up)

ROSE CUTTINGS (unrooted several trades):
Mr. Lincoln
Double Delight
Don Juan

(Special trades only FOR NEXT YEAR, sorry all my extras have been traded -wanna be added to the waiting list?):
Carlotta (Pink & yellow w/ white streaks)
Congo Dancer (dark maroon)
Dominic (dark maroon)
Grape Velvet (lavender w/ green throat)
Pink Hero (pink, streaked white w/ green throat)
Purple Sand Dollar (dark maroon, streak white w/ green throat)
Pirate Crimson


PLANT, BULBS, BULBLETS, BULBILS, ROOTED CUTTINGS OR SEEDS (please specify in trade communications):

Brugmansia/ Angel Trumpet (have yellow and pink already) - (CUTTINGS ONLY PLEASE REALLY WANT))
Lilies (Bulb/Bulbils/Bulblets -REALLY WANT)
Tiger Lilies (REALLY WANT) have orange already)
Amaryllis (REALLY WANT); have salmon & candy canes already)
Calla Lilies
Daylilies (other than orange)
Elephant Ears (multicolor or black)
Hibiscus (multicolor)
Spider Lilies
Gloriosa Lily
Toad Lily
White Ruellia

"Daylily-crazy" on Gardenweb

SEEDS I HAVE TO TRADE: 1 to trade unless noted otherwise
(updated September 23, 2006)

Old Fashion Pink and Red Cherry Hollyhock (4)
Mix Hollyhocks (3)
Pink Rain Lily (2 special trades only/ or for other rain lily)
Purple People Eater Datura (white inside, purple outside)(2) Mother plant produces double and triples !!
Mix Crme Double Datura and Purple People Eater Datura (2)
Yellow Esmeralda (3 - special trades)
Sweet Cantaloupe (just finish drying in late Aug. 21 trades)
Unknown asian plumb fruit (produces orange flowers) 1
Lily (either orange or yellow) (1)
Kalanchoe Plantlets(Mother of Thousands / Alligator plant) 5
Mix peppers (1)
Purple Ruellia (5)
Marble Pepper (3)

Ruby Queen Beet (2 - got from trade)
Sundial Mixed Colors Moss Rose (Portulaca) (2 - got from trade)
Royal Carpet Alyssum (got from trade)
Gourmet Salad Blend Lettuce (got from trade)
Sugar Baby Watermelon (got from trade)
Kentucky Blue Garden Bean (got from trade)
Gourmet Blend Radish (3 - got from trade)
Early Scarlet Glode Radish (got from trade)
Crystal Palace Lobella (2 - got from trade)
French Breakfast Radish (got from trade)
Scarlet Nantes Carrot (got from trade)
Sparkler Radish (got from trade)
Cherry Belle Radish (got from trade)


Amaryllis (any kind) REALLY WANT
Rain Lily (any kind - other than pink) REALLY WANT
Datura (any I dont already have)
Canna (any kind except King Hubert & tall faded red ones)
Dwarf Canna
Toad Lilies (any kind)
Brugmansia (except Grand Marnier already have)
Unique pepper

Have: Pink Lady Apple Tree

  • Posted by yadda 8-9 TX (My Page) on
    Mon, Sep 25, 06 at 23:14

I have a pink lady apple tree that needs a home north and west of Houston. Check your area. If you reliably get 400-450 chill hours per year this is a great apple tree for you. I will bring it to the Mercer swap if some one there expresses interest in the next several weeks. Yadda out.

RE: WANTED: Mercer/plantmeet Fall 06 swap haves and wants

  • Posted by allen 8-b Texas (My Page) on
    Tue, Sep 26, 06 at 21:47

Howdy yadda, I shure would like to have that apple tree, We live northeast of Montgomery. what do you want for trade?????

RE: WANTED: Mercer/plantmeet Fall 06 swap haves and wants

Here is my plant list for the Swap on October 7th at Mercer. I also have pond plants if anyone is interested just email me. I'm looking for Alocasias, Colocasias, Bananas,Hoyas,Gingers,Begonias,episcias and others to many to mention. LOL

Aglaonema modestum Chinese Evergreen
Pellonia pulchra (Polynesian Ivy)
Peperomia Clusiaefolia 'Tricolor' - Rainbow peperomia
Piper auritum Root Beer Plant
Vinca major-Greater Periwinkle 'Variegata'
Agave Blue Jazz
Aristolochia fimbriata White Veined Hardy Dutchman's Pipe
Bamboo Cane Pole
Zephyranthes Fairy lily, Rain lily. Pink Yellow & White

Nandina domestica 'Firepower'
Aloe vera Medicine Plant
Kalanchoe Mother of Thousands
Kalanchoe "Gastonis Bonnieri"- Donkey Ears plant
Canna Florence Vaughn
Canna Richard Wallace
Canna Wyoming
Clerodendron bungei
Crinum americanum - Spider Lily
Crinum White Prince
EPISCIA,Blue Nile,Kee Wee,Pink Panther and Red Corduroy
Microsorium diversifolium 'Kangaroo Paw' Fern
Nephrolepis exaltata `Bostoniensis' Boston fern
Hedychium coronarium x coccineum 'Dr. Moy'
Liriope Green Border Grass Lots of it.
Hibiscus coccineus Texas Star
Hibiscus Rose Mallow
Tricolor Sweet Potato Vine Tricolor
Musa velutina (Pink Velvet Banana) For a banana tree I dont have
Musa zebrina 'rojo' Blood Banana
Beaucarnea recurvata Pony Tail Palm
Cyperus alternifolius Umbrella Palm
Philodendron Domesticum Variegatum
Philodendron Monstera Oblique Leichtlinii Swiss Cheese
Philodendron Scandens Medio Pictum - "Flame Leaved Heart Plant"
Philodendron Nutans "Velvet Philo"
Ruellia brittoniana Mexican petunias Mexican Bluebell, White Katie,Pink Katie, 'Baby Katie'
Ruellia brittoniana Tall Purple( 'PURPLE SHOWER') and Tall Pink 'Chi-Chi'
Ruellia squarrosa Creeping ruellia 'Blue Shade'
Spathiphyllum friedrichsthalli Peace Lily
Spathiphyllum variegated 'Domino'
Salix cinerea 'Tricolor' Japanese Dappled Willow Cuttings
Ficus pumila Fig Ivy, Creeping Fig
Thunbergia erecta Black Eyed Susan vine
Vigna caracalla - Climbing Shell Plant snail vine
Xanthosoma atrovirens variegata (mickey mouse taro) For other Taro I dont have.
Alocasia amazonica African Mask Polly For other Alocasis I don't have
Sago Palms
I have Named Hoya,Plumeria,Begonias and Episcias for special trades

RE: WANTED: Mercer/plantmeet Fall 06 swap haves and wants

I have update my have list, but I will not be bringing all of the items listed, so please email me if you are looking for something I have.
Peppermint crepe myrtle (red/white dwarf)
Butterfly ginger - white
Ellen Bosanquet crinum
Nicotiana seedlings
Clitoria seedlings
South African foxglove (pink) seedlings
Verbena bonareinsis seedlings
Pavonia seedlings
Flame acanthus seedlings
Duranta- Purple- seedlings
Bulbine (bare root division)
Indigo spires salvia (bare-root division)
Purple fountain grass (pennisetum)
Crocosmia bulbs
Walking iris
Sweet Autumn Clematis
Broadleaf bamboo (Indocolamus)
Giant white calla lilies
Rhett butler LA Iris
Coral salvia
Shrimp plant (orange)
Bluebird Hydrangea cuttings (lacecap)
Sweet potato vine "Blackie"
I am looking for Lamb's Ear, Tall Bearded Iris, Nepeta

RE: WANTED: Mercer/plantmeet Fall 06 swap haves and wants

i am in a real need for 1 gallon, 3 gallon and 5 gallon pots. if you have extras laying around i would love to take them off your hands! thanks, debbie(magnolia53)

RE: WANTED: Mercer/plantmeet Fall 06 swap haves and wants

I found a few more plants.
Small gardenia bush
spineless Opuntia Cactus
Musa velutina (Pink Velvet Banana)For another Banana I don't Have.
Cryptostegia Grandiflora Rubber Vine Large potted plant
Stephanotis floribunda (Madagascar jasmine) cuttings
Stephanotis floribunda Variegata (Madagascar jasmine) cuttings
Thunbergia grandiflora variegated cuttings
I have an Alocasia odora,Alocasia 'hilo beauty',Alocasia portadora and a
Alocasia plumbea Metallica I'd like to trade for other Alocasia's I don't have.


RE: WANTED: Mercer/plantmeet Fall 06 swap haves and wants2

I also have some Pink Chinese Indigo bushes.


I have several large cowtonge cactus up to three feet tall as well prickly pear and a really prickly cactus that ends up looking really hairly like a porcupine. If you are interested in any of these please contact me. Yadda out.

RE: WANTED: Mercer/plantmeet Fall 06 swap haves and wants

Just thought I'd post what I've got if anyone is interested. Can take cuttings of:

Salvia 'Lady in Red'
Salvia, pink flowers....need to look up name
Passiflora 'Lady Lavender'
Passiflora 'Lady Margaret'
Passiflora 'Incense'
Thunbergia grandiflora
Hibiscus perennial pink, huge flowers
Hibiscus tropical, double peach bloom and white, need to look up names
Bouganvilla, pink and peach blooms
orange cosmos (rooted plantlets)
cannas (rooted)
rose...also have to look up name, smaller pink flowers, very floriferous and disease resistant I believe
Also have some succulents and hoyas I can trade...please email me for a list of these

It's not much but it was my first summer here in TX. I have a table I am bringing that someone can share with me if they would like. I also have some extra pots if anyone is interested, and some weed cloth from last year I probably won't be using.

Thanks! Kim

looking for.....

i'm looking for debbie, a master gardener, & the lady who traded the beautiful 4 1/2 foot plumeria for the duranta. thanks, debbie(magnolia53)

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