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 o Your GardenWeb User Profile

The form below will allow you to set up a profile that will be recorded to a "cookie" by your browser.

This information is not recorded at GardenWeb but is merely used as a means of making the forums easier to use.

Some of this information may already be recorded. You can make additions and amendments on the form below. Click on the save button to record the information.

Your Name:  

Your Email Address:  


Message Lines Per Page:     (Must be a number between 10 and 60.)


 o Message Lines Per Page

This is the number of forum message lines that will be displayed at a time.
Normally, when you go to a forum 30 message lines are displayed at a time.

If you visit the forums frequently, you might decide to choose a lower number.

Otherwise, you might choose a higher number so you don't need to load as many pages to scroll through all the messages.

 o What's a cookie?

A cookie is a piece of information that is saved by the user's browser. This information can be retrieved later by the Web site that assigned the cookie, but not by anyone else. So, if you go to another site, it is impossible for them to retrieve your GardenWeb user profile.

 o Can cookies be used to gather information about me and my computer?

This is a common misconception. The only thing a site can retrieve from a cookie is what the site previously sent to that cookie. And one site does not have access to another site's cookie. No information about a user can be gleaned from a cookie that wasn't already supplied by that user voluntarily.

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