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Question on my potatoesUpdated 3 hours ago
Posted by chickencoupe May 19, 2014 113 Comments
2015 Spring Fling Anyone?Updated 7 hours ago
Posted by p_mac(7) February 16, 2015 18 Comments
Wave Pansy Giveaway
Posted by shankins123(7) 7 hours ago
Zone 7 Ranunculus???Updated 10 hours ago
Posted by oklahomegrown 11 hours ago 1 Comment
Pinching growing tips on tomato seedlings?Updated 17 hours ago
Posted by jcheckers January 15, 2012 11 Comments
Seedy Saturday Seed SwapUpdated Yesterday
Posted by duckcreekgardens December 19, 2014 9 Comments
Row cover - best brand, where to order?Updated Yesterday
Posted by canokie on Sunday 11 Comments
What would you plant right now?Updated Yesterday
Posted by chickencoupe Yesterday 4 Comments
Purchased comppost and soil.Updated Yesterday
Posted by AmyinOwasso/zone 6b on Monday 12 Comments
Cover crops that help with root rotUpdated Yesterday
Posted by johnnycoleman on Tuesday 10 Comments
Classic Armadillo Thread From 2005-2013
Posted by Okiedawn OK Zone 7 Yesterday
New subjects and thread driftUpdated Yesterday
Posted by oldbusy1 on Tuesday 6 Comments
More cold air to comeUpdated on Tuesday
Posted by wxcrawler(7a) last Saturday 17 Comments
Anyone ever read the Soil forum?Updated on Tuesday
Posted by Lisa_H(7) on Monday 5 Comments
milky sporeUpdated on Tuesday
Posted by sorie6(6b ok.) on Monday 3 Comments
I did it!Updated on Tuesday
Posted by chickencoupe December 12, 2014 76 Comments
Roll Call, who's here (but hasn't posted yet for instance)Updated on Tuesday
Posted by OklaMoni February 11, 2015 82 Comments
Can I plant onions yet?Updated on Monday
Posted by rickintulsa last Friday 29 Comments
monarchsUpdated on Monday
Posted by sorie6(6b ok.) on Monday 1 Comment
Milkweed?Updated on Monday
Posted by tracydr(9b) August 7, 2011 10 Comments
Attracting Beneficial Insects to Your LandscapeUpdated on Monday
Posted by Okiedawn OK Zone 7 June 20, 2009 7 Comments
Purchased comppost and soil.Updated on Monday
Posted by AmyinOwasso/zone 6b on Sunday 2 Comments
Exp with Bearberry in Oklahoma?Updated on Sunday
Posted by chickencoupe last Saturday 8 Comments
Rattlesnakes Out in February: Not A Good ThingUpdated on Sunday
Posted by Okiedawn OK Zone 7 February 17, 2015 9 Comments
Goji or honeyberriesUpdated on Sunday
Posted by oldokie January 17, 2014 4 Comments
Potato plantingUpdated last Saturday
Posted by johnnycoleman last Friday 5 Comments
Oklahoma City Herb FestivalUpdated last Saturday
Posted by susanlynne48(OKC7a) March 21, 2005 18 Comments
JD Hoover potato planterUpdated last Friday
Posted by johnnycoleman February 16, 2015 9 Comments
The Return of the Wintery Weather At Onion-Planting TimeUpdated last Friday
Posted by Okiedawn OK Zone 7 February 12, 2015 31 Comments
Tomato disease linksUpdated last Friday
Posted by AmyinOwasso/zone 6b February 9, 2015 29 Comments
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