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Phal yellowing.... bottom two leaves, interior roots, base of crownUpdated 8 hours ago
Posted by kmaxxy(5a) on Wednesday 5 Comments
How to repot Prosthechea radiata cochleata?Updated 8 hours ago
Posted by meri10 21 hours ago 8 Comments
Habenaria radiata tubers/corms? pictureUpdated 9 hours ago
Posted by aachenelf z5 Mpls January 16, 2008 9 Comments
Orchid IDs?Updated 11 hours ago
Posted by fuzzballiscute January 31, 2015 22 Comments
Where to buy sphagnum moss?Updated 18 hours ago
Posted by ninjali on Sunday 4 Comments
Why are my phal orchid bloom so late in the season?Updated Yesterday
Posted by Sara_in_philly on Tuesday 6 Comments
My Garden OrcsUpdated Yesterday
Posted by aztcqn last Friday 7 Comments
Short spikes? Causes?Updated on Wednesday
Posted by dakota01 on Sunday 6 Comments
Exchange forumUpdated on Wednesday
Posted by Darlene (GreenCurls)(6a) on Wednesday 2 Comments
what other plants can you use kieke power pro on?Updated on Wednesday
Posted by tlbean2004 January 29, 2015 4 Comments
Orchids, please helpUpdated on Wednesday
Posted by woofcar February 16, 2015 5 Comments
Phal skipped bloom this yearUpdated on Wednesday
Posted by robtj last Saturday 3 Comments
Is this a spike?Updated on Tuesday
Posted by suzabanana (6b Boston) January 24, 2015 12 Comments
stanhopeaUpdated on Tuesday
Posted by greendale63(WI SEz5) on Monday 2 Comments
First Orchid!Updated on Monday
Posted by jeffatlanta (7b, Atlanta, GA) last Saturday 2 Comments
Need help with my Ice Cube OrchidUpdated on Monday
Posted by DeLynn Kreinbrook last Friday 12 Comments
Orchid forum linkUpdated on Monday
Posted by tanie51(3b) last Saturday 1 Comment
Brassavola "Little stars" vendorUpdated on Sunday
Posted by bea(9a FL) on Sunday 1 Comment
This new format really stinks.Updated on Sunday
Posted by vtandrea February 11, 2015 8 Comments
Dendrobium in potting mossUpdated on Sunday
Posted by yenika_zone10 Miami, Fl January 28, 2015 7 Comments
V. Kriangkrai yellowUpdated on Sunday
Posted by yenika_zone10 Miami, Fl January 21, 2015 17 Comments
Spotted-leaf Lady Slipper?Updated last Saturday
Posted by litchfieldgardener last Saturday 1 Comment
Massachusetts - Amherst Orchid Society ShowUpdated last Saturday
Posted by garlicgrower February 19, 2015 4 Comments
Bored with Phals and NOIDs - what next?Updated last Saturday
Posted by suzabanana (6b Boston) February 15, 2015 16 Comments
Bent Spike
Posted by Reed Gee Jr.NY- 7b February 20, 2015
New Site!Updated February 20, 2015
Posted by tanie51(3b) February 12, 2015 13 Comments
Need help identifying orchidUpdated February 19, 2015
Posted by majormtn February 16, 2015 1 Comment
New Cattleya helpUpdated February 19, 2015
Posted by ozzy2001 February 17, 2015 4 Comments
Help identifying what ate my buds? :/Updated February 19, 2015
Posted by nightstars558 February 18, 2015 2 Comments
New formatUpdated February 18, 2015
Posted by bea(9a FL) February 17, 2015 2 Comments
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