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This forum is meant for the discussion of plants belonging to the genus Plumeria. These plants are native to the tropics of North and South America and include the frangipani.

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Sally MoragneUpdated 2 hours ago
Posted by Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia October 15, 2014 48 Comments
Looking for musk rainbow and JL Metalica
Posted by Bryanf 2 hours ago
I need some advice on this plumeria plantUpdated 3 hours ago
Posted by massimo(5b) on Monday 16 Comments
James- Freak4Updated 5 hours ago
Posted by tdogdad(Zone 9) on Tuesday 6 Comments
Top 5 WOW Factor Plumeria Choices ?Updated 8 hours ago
Posted by edzone9 March 25, 2015 29 Comments
Does anyone know where I might find Makaha SunnUpdated 11 hours ago
Posted by desamecyra(9B) May 26, 2013 49 Comments
need help with my plumeriaUpdated 12 hours ago
Posted by sheristurg 13 hours ago 1 Comment
Plumeria minimum tempUpdated 13 hours ago
Posted by vtsir(9) March 25, 2015 9 Comments
Pots/PlantersUpdated 17 hours ago
Posted by Houndhome(Phoenix Az (9b)) March 25, 2015 3 Comments
Wanted Good Size Penang Peach & Aztec Gold Cuttings ..Updated 19 hours ago
Posted by edzone9 last Saturday 5 Comments
Contest time!Updated 21 hours ago
Posted by jandey1(TX8) March 25, 2015 34 Comments
Moonie_57 I need to confirm contact info?Updated on Tuesday
Posted by freak4plumeria(So CA zone 10) on Monday 4 Comments
Taking A Bare Rooted Tree And Potting Into Gritty MixUpdated on Tuesday
Posted by Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia April 10, 2012 27 Comments
Trimmed PapiUpdated on Tuesday
Posted by plumejunkie(9a SF Bay Area) on Tuesday 6 Comments
Florida Plumeria Sale dates ?
Posted by edzone9 on Tuesday
Back from the dead.Updated on Tuesday
Posted by tdogdad(Zone 9) February 24, 2015 47 Comments
Desert Rose looking nicelyUpdated on Monday
Posted by kevabear(9) May 28, 2010 25 Comments
Upland Nursery???Updated on Monday
Posted by Jordan Flake on Monday 2 Comments
Easy bloomersUpdated on Monday
Posted by tamela_star(Zone 7) last Thursday 14 Comments
Love Spring time ;)Updated last Saturday
Posted by chuy415 March 7, 2015 7 Comments
A few blooms from MadeiraUpdated last Saturday
Posted by David Richter(5a) March 16, 2015 7 Comments
question about waxing cuttingsUpdated last Friday
Posted by kingbingo(texas) March 22, 2015 2 Comments
Plant robbersUpdated last Friday
Posted by angel325(10b) March 14, 2015 9 Comments
Whose going to the So Cal Plumeria Society Sale in SD this weekend?Updated last Friday
Posted by freak4plumeria(So CA zone 10) last Thursday 4 Comments
Are you Oklahoma boys okay?Updated last Thursday
Posted by moonie_57 March 25, 2015 2 Comments
Jungle JacksUpdated March 25, 2015
Posted by plumeriai45 March 23, 2015 5 Comments
Plumeria Fertilizer Of Chioce ?Updated March 25, 2015
Posted by edzone9 March 22, 2015 7 Comments
New to plumerias--Rooting help, please!Updated March 25, 2015
Posted by olly805 March 24, 2015 2 Comments
1st Plumie Drama of the SeasonUpdated March 25, 2015
Posted by freak4plumeria(So CA zone 10) March 10, 2015 29 Comments
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