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These forums cover particular geographical regions and climates. They are meant to cover topics peculiar to a locale. For more general concerns, you might want to look through the other forum topics.

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Northwestern Gardening
Covers regions with mild summers and moist, mild winters, as in the northwestern U.S.

Southwestern Gardening
For those with hot, dry summers and variable winters, as in the southwestern U.S.

Northern Gardening
For those with relatively short growing seasons and cold winters, as in the northern U.S.

Southern Gardening
Covers regions with hot summers and mild winters, as in the southeastern U.S.

Far North Gardening
For those with very short growing seasons and cold winters.

Midwest Gardening
For those living and gardening in the Midwest.

Northeast Coastal Gardening
For those living in coastal regions of the Northeast U.S.

Southeast Coastal Gardening
For those living in coastal regions of the Southeast U.S.

Ohio Valley
For those living in the Ohio River Valley.

Ozarks Region Gardening
For those in the Ozarks and surrounding areas of Arkansas, Oklahoma and Missouri to discuss gardening in that region.

The Garden Traveler
This forum is provided as a place for gardeners to share their experiences at gardens away from home.

Gardening in Canada
A general gardening forum for Canadians.

Australian Forums
Forums on a variety of topics for those gardening down under.

European Forums
Multi-lingual forums covering the U.K., France, Italy and Germany.

Mid-Atlantic Gardening
For those living and gardening in the Mid-Atlantic region.


New England Gardening
For those living and gardening in the New England.

Great Lakes Gardening
For those living and gardening in the Great Lakes region.

Rocky Mountain Gardening
For those living and gardening in the high altitudes.

Gulf Coast Gardening
For those living and gardening along the Gulf Coast.

State Specific:

Alabama Gardening

Arizona Gardening

California Gardening

Carolina Gardening

Florida Gardening

Georgia Gardener

Hawaii Gardening

Idaho Gardening

Iowa Gardening

Louisiana & Mississippi

Maine Gardening

Minnesota Gardening

Nevada Gardening

New Jersey Gardening

New York (Hudson Valley)

New York (Upstate)

Metro New York Gardener

Oklahoma Gardening

Pennsylvania Gardening

Tennessee Gardening

Texas Gardening

Utah Gardening

Virginia Gardening



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