Using the GardenWeb Forums

There are over 100 different forums at GardenWeb. Each forum is geared towards a specific topic area.

If you have a garden-related question, or just want to visit with others with common interests, the first thing you want to do is find the most appropriate forum.

Often a topic is appropriate to more than one forum. For instance, a question about growing roses in Minnesota would be appropriate in both the Roses Forum and in the Northern Gardening Forum and could be posted in either forum. We ask that you do not submit the same posting to more than two forums.

Be sure to read the forum instructions. If you run into problems, you might also want to read the Forum Help Page.

To help you to locate the proper forum, the main forum page lists the forums in several different ways.

Each forum is included in more than one list to make it easier to locate.

Take the time to browse through each list and get to know the forums that interest you.

Forum Lists:

Forum Subject Areas
These are groupings of related forums. For instance, Regions and Climates is a listing of forums devoted to regions, states, countries, etc.

Types of Plants
This list is of forums focusing on particular plants, such as the Hostas Forum.

Types of Gardens
This list is of forums focusing on types of gardens, such as the Woodlands Forum.

Other Topics
This list includes forums focusing on particular garden topics, such as the Organic Gardening Forum.

Alphabetical by Title
This list is helpful if you already know the name of the forum you're looking for.

Can't Decide?
If you are a new gardener and can't decide which forum is is the best fit, try the New to Gardening Forum.

Thank you for visiting the GardenWeb Forums!