o Guidelines for Garden Writers

These guidelines are provided for writers and other media developers using the GardenWeb Forums.

Please read through these guidelines before posting to the forums.

 o Garden Writers Forum

The Garden Writers Forum is provided as a place for garden media professionals to discuss methods, ideas, prospects, etc. While discussions will involve participants' businesses, please be sensitive to the prohibition against advertising. For instance, while the topic of soliciting work is acceptable, the actual solicitation of work on the forum is not.

 o Soliciting Story Ideas

Please do not post solicitations for stories, or story ideas, to forums other than the garden writers forum. Our forums are generally geared towards discussions and since most writers are writing for money (little as it may be) such a solicitation outside the garden writers forum will be interpreted as advertising.

 o Use of Postings Within Stories

If you find a particular thread in one of the forums useful and would like to use all or part of it in a story, you need to acquire permission. Please query via email all the participants whose material you will be using. GardenWeb itself generally grants permission if the source is properly attributed and the URL included, e.g., "From GardenWeb's Bonsai Forum (http://www.gardenweb.com/forums/bonsai/)."

GardenWeb does own the material posted to its forums, but its permission is always conditional on the original participants also giving their permission.

 o Your Material

Writers should be cautious in sharing their research and ideas regarding on-going projects. If you have a great idea for a new book, it might be safer to contact publishers rather than post it to the garden writers forum.

Likewise, if you are looking for someone to proof a piece, don't post the piece itself to the forum.

To protect yourself, you must be cautious about what you share publicly.

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