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Garden Exchange - please get on topic- other forums for plants/seeds
Posted by erin08 (SC z7/8)(7SC) 18 hours ago
HAVE: about to go propagating crazy if interested!Updated on Sunday
Posted by stxgardener89(9) February 1, 2014 12 Comments
looking for "Blue John" veronica
Posted by betsycol last Saturday
Needed: Plantain (Plantano) Sucker
Posted by leroy559 last Thursday
Scions Needed
Posted by leroy559 last Wednesday
HAVE: Wooden Markers for your outside gardensUpdated February 24, 2015
Posted by debi January 5, 2005 5 Comments
Wanted: Seeds, Persian Shield Seeds
Posted by dawn1972(7 Athens,GA) February 24, 2015
HAVE: Jersey Supreme Asparagus rootsUpdated February 24, 2015
Posted by leroy559 January 28, 2015 11 Comments
Worsleya rayneri
Posted by ghitasima February 23, 2015
ISO White Rose of Sharon with red center
Posted by wyldeflwr(z6/7 -MD) February 20, 2015
Have: sarracenia rhizomes
Posted by ericmd01(KY 6b) February 15, 2015
wanted:lily and tulip bulbs
Posted by ericmd01(KY 6b) February 15, 2015
WANTED: Fresh bay leavesUpdated February 8, 2015
Posted by KatyaKatya(6) March 18, 2014 6 Comments
WANTED: Black Ice / have apples/plums
Posted by Gardening_Maestro(4) February 2, 2015
WANTED: Ube, Purple Yam
Posted by leroy559 February 2, 2015
HAVE: Rain BarrelsUpdated February 1, 2015
Posted by lotsofbarrels August 25, 2014 3 Comments
WANTED: Plantain Shoot
Posted by leroy559 February 1, 2015
HAVE: showy milkweed seeds for sase in pnw
Posted by nankeen(z8b Portland OR) January 31, 2015
WANTED: Wanted Heat Mat with ThermostatUpdated January 30, 2015
Posted by Shorty_CA(10B CA) April 26, 2014 4 Comments
wanted: berks county, pa barter. i need storage area
Posted by attractivestone January 24, 2015
WANTED: Your Aloe or Bamboo / my handyman skils
Posted by koiguy January 23, 2015
WANTED: looking for helpUpdated January 18, 2015
Posted by kmad2010 December 27, 2014 1 Comment
WANTED: Elderberry Seeds
Posted by dawn1972(7 N.Ga) January 16, 2015
WANTED: Your Silk floss tree for my Baobab tree
Posted by Dizzygizmo January 6, 2015
wanted: have questions :)Updated December 22, 2014
Posted by KatsPlants(6) September 17, 2014 3 Comments
WANTED: Cattle or pig panels for greenhouseUpdated December 22, 2014
Posted by Debbie35(6a-b) November 3, 2014 1 Comment
WANTED: Hardy BambooUpdated December 19, 2014
Posted by smb1_sunshinegg November 20, 2014 1 Comment
WANTED: Burmese okra
Posted by larryw(z6Ohio) December 19, 2014
WANTED: Have: hoop frame and plastic cover in Wash D.C. areaUpdated December 16, 2014
Posted by elisa_z5 November 25, 2014 4 Comments
HAVE: my piece of paradise
Posted by Angel_Hawk1975(9b-10) December 13, 2014
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